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I have used various methods of divination for over 20 years to offer guidance with Tarot and Oracle readings being my speciality! I'm a highly intuitive reader and use many different psychic abilities in order to provide an accurate reading.

My code of ethics state, I will not read on fertility, health or legal matters. I will also not read for third parties without consent.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I am not currently accepting in person appointments.


Tarot cards are a group of 78 cards, all decks carry very similar meanings for each card. These can be very direct messages and meanings. I occasionally will pull an oracle card in conjunction with a tarot reading to provide context to the reading.

Past Life Spread - this is an 8 card spread that will provide insight into a past life, your early years, education, occupation, social status, relationships, death, what lessons were learned and how it impacts your present life. £20

Deity Communication Spread - this 11 card spread will allow you to open communication with your deity to find out the best way to work with them, their personality, their influence, how they will strengthen you, what their message for you is and how best to honour them. £25

Celtic Cross Spread - this 10 card spread gives you insight into your current situation, recent past events, what is ahead, and outside influences and what your outcome will be. £25


Oracle decks come in all different shapes and sizes with multiple different meanings, these are often more gentle than tarot and can sometimes provide a more rounded insight.

Witches Wisdom Reading £20

Dark Goddesses Reading £20

Faery Godmother Reading £20

The Spirit Animal Oracle Reading £20

Angels and Ancestors Reading £20

Angel Prayers £20


Pendulums offer insight in a yes or no way, I can use a board to try to determine more information but please be mindful of what questions you ask.

3 Questions £3

5 Questions £5


I will cast the runes to provide insight for you.

3 Norn Reading - this reading is for past, present and future £10

Triple-Rune - this reading provides your present influences, upcoming challenges and what is likely to happen £10

5 Rune Reading - this reading provides basic influences, problems that may occur, positive influences, immediate answers and future influences. £15

To book any of these readings, please email me directly at sarah@astridsattic.co.uk - I will invoice you via PayPal and then your reading will be delivered to your email within 72 hours. Unfortunately, I am not able to accept ShopPay or Clearpay for these services due to their ToS.

The Legal Bit: I am required by law to inform you that all readings are for entertainment purposes only due to Consumer Protection Regulations 2008.